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updated 20 hours ago

Pattern Recognition Toolbox by Peter

Free pattern recognition toolbox for MATLAB (machine learning, pattern recognition, svm)

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updated 1 day ago

Post-glacial rebound by Chad Greene

Interpolate and plot post-glacial rebound or glacial isostatic adjustment. (pgr, gia, climate)

Plotting post-glacial rebound (PGR)


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updated 2 days ago

minimize by Rody Oldenhuis

Minimize constrained functions with FMINSEARCH or FMINLBFGS, globally or locally (optimization, constrained optimizat..., derivativefree optimi...)

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updated 8 days ago

Analyzing soda drinking behavior using ThingSpeak and MATLAB by MathWorks Internet of Things Team

Analyzing data from an instrumented soda machine connected to cloud server (iot, internet of things, arduino)

changeGranularity(timeVec, dataVec, requestedGranularity,...

The Battle of Sodas: Who will win?

importfile(filename, startRow, endRow)

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updated 14 days ago

Table class by David Legland

A class for handling data tables together with row and column labels (statistics, data table, data exploration)

Using the Table Class

anova(data, groups, varargin)

anova1(this, factor, varargin)

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updated 14 days ago by Erjon Bacaj

This package allows using an Arduino connected to the computer to perform Analog and Digital Input. (dc motor control)


getSetupBlockUserData(modelHandle, arduinoVar)


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updated 16 days ago

pathdist by Chad Greene

Simply calculate distance traveled along a lat/lon path (distance, track, waypoints)



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updated 16 days ago

figure2eps: version 1.3 by Matthew Harker, Paul O'Leary,

Combine vector graphics, e.g. text, axis etc. with bitmap graphics for surfaces in one eps file. (eps, bitmap, opengl)

epscombine( eps1 , eps2 , writefile )

figure2eps(H,fileName, maxNrPatches, BitMapRenderer, forc...

Demonstration of figure2eps

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updated 16 days ago

Chebfun V4 by Chebfun Team

Numerical computation with functions instead of numbers. (numerical analysis, interpolation, approximation)



A greedy algorithm for choosing interpolation points

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updated 19 days ago

rgbmap color maps by Chad Greene

Create color maps from actual names that people use for colors. (colormap, color, xkcd)



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updated 20 days ago

Geometric Processing Package by dijkbgf

A package provides basic geometric processing functionality (geometric processing, geometry processing, geometry processing l...)

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updated 20 days ago

disthist by Chad Greene

Simply show a histogram of distances between geographic waypoints. (distance, hist, histogram)



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updated 21 days ago

cityjumper/publishUtils by Gareth Thomas

MATLAB Publish with enhanced HTML Features. (publish, table, html)

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updated 21 days ago

Scopes for real-time display by Michelle Hirsch

Set of widgets for real-time data display. (specialized, plotting, realtime)

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updated 23 days ago

interpm2 by Chad Greene

Densify or interpolate along paths with approximately equal spacing in meters or kilometers. (interpm, interpolation, mapping)



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updated 28 days ago

geom3d by David Legland

Library to handle 3D geometric primitives: create, intersect, display, and make basic computations (geometry, 3d, geometric computing)




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