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updated 9 days ago

Ideal Vocal Tract by Speech Processing

Illustrates effect of using periodic excitation for glottal input signal on a set of speech frames (speech processing, signal processing, gui)

Ideal Vocal Tract



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updated 14 days ago

Filter Signal by Speech Processing

Design a filter where an existing speech or audio signal using user-designed LPF, HPF or BPF (speech processing, signal processing, gui)

Filter Signal


Dinfinity( deltap,deltas )

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updated 22 days ago

Composite Vocal Tract by Speech Processing

Illustrates vocal tract response, glottal pulse, radiation response for voiced and unvoiced speech (speech processing, signal processing, gui)

Composite Vocal Tract



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updated 22 days ago

Isolated Digits Record by Speech Processing

Implements a speaker trained, template-based, isolated digit recognizer (speech processing, signal processing, gui)

Isolated Digit Speech Recognizer



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updated 24 days ago

Active geometric shape models by Quan Wang

The active geometric shape model is a novel approach for fitting a geometric shape in images. (image processing, mathematics, optimization)

AGSM Canvas



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