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updated 22 hours ago

ScreenCapture - get a screen-capture of a figure frame or component by Yair Altman

ScreenCapture gets a screen-capture of any Matlab GUI handle, or specified screen area rectangle (gui, java)


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updated 5 days ago

UIINSPECT - display methods, properties & callbacks of an object by Yair Altman

Inspect an object handle (Java/COM/HG); display its methods/properties/callbacks in a unified window (example, com, awesome)

uiinspect(obj, fig)

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updated 6 days ago

spok: checks if a MATLAB sparse matrix is OK by Tim Davis

Useful for mexFunction authors only (linear algebra, sparse, mex)




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updated 7 days ago

nasa/T-MATS by Jeffryes

Simulink Toolbox for the Modeling and Analysis of Thermodynamic Systems, such as gas turbines (simulation, simulink, example)

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updated 14 days ago

Payment Calculator by Stacey Gage

Example loan payment calculator using Swing and MATLAB. (external interface, java, financial)


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updated 22 days ago

Tree Controls for User Interfaces by Robyn Jackey

Provides the capability to easily create tree controls for an application or user inter (oop, user interface, gui)




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updated 25 days ago

Process manager by Brian Lau

Matlab class for launching and managing asynchronous processes (java)

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updated 30 days ago

NatNet (Motive/Arena) simple sample for location data by Or Hirshfeld by Or Hirshfeld

a Simple Sample to transfer Mocap data from Motive/Arena to Matlab using NatNet stream (motive, or hirshfeld, mocap)

NatNet (Natural Point Motive/Arena for Optitrack) locatio...


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