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updated 12 hours ago

Create strong passwords by Alan Jennings

Creates passwords with customizable character limits also allowing for limited character sets (password, security, random)



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updated 12 hours ago

xunit4 by Paul Sexton

xUnit for Matlab 4.0.0 (testing, unit testing, xunit)

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updated 12 hours ago

MATLAB Support Package for Arduino (aka ArduinoIO Package) by MathWorks Classroom Resources Team

MATLAB class and Simulink blocks for communicating with an Arduino microcontroller board (support package, arduino, duemilanove)




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updated 12 hours ago

MODIS Mosaic of Antarctica by Chad Greene

Plot satellite images, grounding lines, and coast lines of Antarctica (antarctica, glaciology, nsidc)




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updated 3 days ago

Plotly | Online MATLAB Graphing by Chris

Publish your MATLAB figures to the web with one line of code. (plot, data export, gui)

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updated 4 days ago

Relativistic rocket by Mikhail

Calculate characteristics of relativistic rocket (special relativity, relativistic rocket, twins paradox)


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updated 5 days ago

Analyzing Weather Data from an Arduino-based weather station by MathWorks Internet of Things Team

Analyze data from a weather station connected to ThingSpeak (iot, thingspeak, internet of things)


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