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updated 3 hours ago

matlab2tikz by Nico Schlömer

A script to convert MATLAB/Octave into TikZ figures for easy and consistent inclusion into LaTeX. (bug, figure, latex)

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updated 3 days ago

Perceptually improved colormaps by Matteo Niccoli

6 perceptual colormaps with rainbow-like colors and 1 with heat colors (color, colormap, data)




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updated 6 days ago

UICOMPONENT - expands uicontrol to all Java classes by Yair Altman

Enhanced replacement for uicontrol & javacomponent, accepting all Java (Swing/AWT) style components (javacomponent, uicontrol, graphics)



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updated 3 hours ago

PlotPub - Publication Quality Graphs in MATLAB by K M Masum Habib

PlotPub is a MATLAB library for creating beautiful, publication quality figures. (figure, export, graphics export)

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updated 1 day ago

Plotly | Online MATLAB Graphing by Chris

Publish your MATLAB figures to the web with one line of code. (plot, data export, gui)

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updated 2 days ago

Useful Figure Management Utilities by Michelle Hirsch

3 Useful figure management utilities. (cascade, pick of the week, potw)

gcf; end; res=get(0,'ScreenSize'); set(hFig,'Position',[...

getPosition(PrevHandle,scale) PrevPosition=get(PrevHandle...


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updated 3 days ago

myplot_CI: plot data and confidence interval by Wei-Ting Lin

Making plot with multiple sets of data and confidence intervals. (plot, ci, plotting)

auto_tick (f1,f2,Nt)

myplot_CI(points,box_lim, box_mid,Nt,texts,style)


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updated 4 days ago

PolarContour(dirSpec, freq) by Charlie Greenwood

This creates a polar/contour plot for the presentation of directional data. (directional frequency..., wave, wave energy)

PolarContour(dirSpec, freq)

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updated 1 day ago

linelabel by Michelle Hirsch

Identify a plotted line by clicking on it. (data exploration, interactive, legend)


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updated 2 days ago

mycorrplot_2 by Wei-Ting Lin

Plot the results of correlation (i.e. corr(X, Y)) in figures with table-like structure. (correlation, circle, visualization)

mycorrplot_2(X,Y,xnames,ynames,type, plotson)



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