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updated 3 days ago

Read TIFF stacks into Matlab fast, with lazy loading by Dylan Muir

Dylan Muir

Read a TIFF stack as a memory-mapped tensor. Handles a large range of internal TIFF formats. (tiff, tif, image manipulation)


tiffread29_readimage(TIF, HEADER, vnFrames)


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updated 4 days ago

Segmenting and averaging for timeseries and other continuous data by W. Owen Brimijoin

W. Owen Brimijoin

Outputs windowed means of a continuous set of data given a vector of labels and time stamps (time series, array, matrices)


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updated 2 days ago

2 Dimensional Optimization using a Continuous Genetic Algorithm by Hashem Rizk

Hashem Rizk

Function Optimization using a Continuous Genetic Algorithm (gentic, optimization, gui)


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updated 5 days ago

MappedTensor class - memory-mapped files by Dylan Muir

Dylan Muir

A better, transparent memmapfile, with complex number support. (oop, matrix, large tensor)


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updated 6 days ago

error detection by gokul


error detection in memory (error, sec)

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updated 5 hours ago

inpolygon_for_gpu by Sulimon Sattari

Sulimon Sattari

inpolygon function that works using gpuArray (gpu, inpolygon, parallel)


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updated 4 hours ago

catStructs.c by Christopher Harris

Christopher Harris

catStructs.c concatinates two structures, each with unique feilds. Outputs one structure. (structures, concatination, mex)

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