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updated 6 days ago

Markov Decision Processes (MDP) Toolbox by Marie-Josee Cros

Marie-Josee Cros

Functions related to the resolution of discrete-time Markov Decision Processes. (control design, toolbox, markov decision proce...)

mdp_LP(P, R, discount)

mdp_Q_learning(P, R, discount, N)

mdp_bellman_operator(P, PR, discount, Vprev)

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updated 4 days ago

Optometrika by Yury


Fast ray tracing across lenses, prisms, and human eye (optics, optical modeling, ray tracing)

coslens( y, z, args, flag )

ellipse_draw( x0, cv, ax, angle, nvert, color )

ellipse_fill( X, Y, x0, cv, ax, angle, hard )

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updated 17 hours ago

SI Psychrometric Chart by Muhammad Tauha Ali

Muhammad Tauha Ali

This program calculates and plots psychrometric properties of moist air (psychrometrics, psychchart, moist air properties)




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