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updated 4 days ago

MATLAB to iPhone Made Easy example files by Bill Chou

Bill Chou

Use MATLAB Coder to generate C code and integrate it into an iPhone/app using Appleā€™s XCode IDE (embedded code, iphone, ipad)




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updated 6 days ago

Simulink Model for BPSK to find BER vs EbNo curve under AWGN channel using Discrete-Time Integrator. by Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma

Simulink model to find Bit error rate (BER) curve of BPSK Modulation scheme in AWGN channel. (simulink, modeling, communications)



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updated 1 day ago

Trainable COSFIRE filters for vessel delineation with application to retinal images by Nicola Strisciuglio

Nicola Strisciuglio

B-COSFIRE filters detect line at different orientations by combining the responses of DoG filters. (vessel segmentation, image segmentation, line detector)




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updated 4 days ago

Fastfood kernel expansions by Ji Zhao

Ji Zhao

Code for paper: Fastfood - Approximating Kernel Expansions in Loglinear Time, ICML'13. (machine learning, classification, pattern recognition)

FastfoodForKernel(X, para, sgm, use_spiral)

FastfoodPara(n, d)


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updated 4 days ago

Regularized Multiframe Super-resolution Model by Baraka Maiseli

Baraka Maiseli

The function implements the regularized multiframe super-resolution model (image processing, image registration, superresolution)

ANDIFFSR(s, delta_est, phi_est, factor)

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