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IAPWS_IF97 functional form with no slip by Mark Mikofski

Water and steam properties and derivatives based on the IAPWS IF97. Functional form. No slip. (control design, simulation, chemistry)

IAPWS_IF97 Example



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updated 26 minutes ago

Live data acquisition for real-time signal processing in MATLAB by Gabriele Bunkheila

Stream signals to and from data acquisition hardware using simple for or while loops (data acquisition, signal processing)

System Objects to Stream Live Data to and from Data Acqui...



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updated 20 hours ago

geotiffinterp by Chad Greene

Fast interpolation for georeferenced TIFF raster data. (tif, tiff, tifff)



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KS by Bill Whiten

Test multiple samples for same distribution - probKS (extended kolmogorov s..., equivalent distributi..., multiple sample test)

exampleKS - Multiple sample test for data from same distr...



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