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updated 3 days ago

Import PWT Version 8.0 by Yvan Lengwiler

Downloads the 'Penn World Table' from the web and places the information into a Matlab variable. (economics, database, macroeconomics)


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updated 3 days ago

cmd by Jonathan Suever

Execute a command on the host operating system with a specified timeout (java)

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updated 6 days ago

crobarcro/mcode-cpp-utilities by Richard Crozier

C++ class wrapper and utilities (mex, c, example)

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updated 7 days ago

MIJ: A Java package for bi-directional communication and data exchange from Matlab to ImageJ/Fiji by Sage

MIJ offers the missing link between ImageJ/Fiji and Matlab for image processing and image analysis (image processing, image analysis, java)

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