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updated 5 hours ago

Helical Laguerre Gaussian Holograms by James Strohaber

Produces computer generated Helical Laguerre Gaussian holograms for spatial light modulators (physics, image processing, graphics)


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updated 1 day ago

FINDTRIA - Spatial queries for simplexes. by Darren Engwirda

Efficient spatial queries for collections of d-simplexes. (mathematics, geometry, 2d)

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updated 3 days ago

Multi-exposure and Multi-focus Image Fusion in Gradient Domain by Sujoy Paul

An algorithm for fusion of a stack of multi-exposure and multi-focus images (image processing, image fusion, multiexposure)




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updated 4 days ago

Robust dual-mesh construction by Darren Engwirda

Construct dual meshes from 2-simplex triangulations embedded in R^3 (mathematics, modeling, 2d)




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updated 4 days ago

Load Leica LIF File by Ron Hoebe

Load Leica LIF File (data import, 3d, 2d)

ci_loadLif(filename, getonlynumberofelements, number)

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