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updated 1 day ago

extpowerStudent by Antonio Trujillo-Ortiz

Antonio Trujillo-Ortiz

Exact power estimation of a performed Student's t test about mean(s). (exact power, power, hypothesis test)


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updated 1 day ago

Trainable COSFIRE filters for vessel delineation with application to retinal images by Nicola Strisciuglio

Nicola Strisciuglio

B-COSFIRE filters detect line at different orientations by combining the responses of DoG filters. (vessel segmentation, image segmentation, line detector)




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updated 2 days ago

Population dynamics toolbox by Carlos Barreto

Carlos Barreto

Implementation of some evolutionary dynamics from game theory for multiple populations. (simulation, toolbox, algorithm)



comparison2average(F, z, s, i, p)

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updated 3 days ago

Antarctic Mapping Tools by Chad Greene

Chad Greene

A toolbox for analysis and display of Antarctica-related data (antarctica, antarctic, polar)

AMT Getting Started

antmap documentation


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updated 3 days ago

Mass Univariate ERP Toolbox by David Groppe

David Groppe

Functions for performing and visualizing mass univariate analyses of event-related potentials. (multiple comparisons, tmax, toolbox)




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updated 4 days ago

Ecopathlite.m: A Matlab implementation of Ecopath by Kelly Kearney

Kelly Kearney

Reproduces the main mass-balance algorithm from the popular ecosystem modeling tool, Ecopath (ecopath, ecosystem)

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updated 5 days ago

bsspdfest by Kevin Gehringer

Kevin Gehringer

A toolbox for nonparametric probability density estimation using normalized B-Splines (nonparametric density...)

bssbasisfun( x, m )


bsscbspline(x, m)

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updated 5 days ago

Leaf Disease Severity Grading System with Fuzzy Logic Classification by Hashem Rizk

Hashem Rizk

Leaf Disease Severity Grading System (gui, leaf, disease)


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updated 6 days ago

Image Processing and Computer Vision : How MATLAB is helpful for various applications. by Masa Otobe

Masa Otobe

Script used in MATLAB EXPO 2014 in Japan on Oct. 29, 2014 (image processing, demo, computer vision)




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updated 7 days ago

Optometrika by Yury


Fast ray tracing across lenses, prisms, and human eye (optics, optical modeling, ray tracing)

coslens( y, z, args, flag )

ellipse_draw( x0, cv, ax, angle, nvert, color )

ellipse_fill( X, Y, x0, cv, ax, angle, hard )

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