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updated 4 hours ago

Chebfun by Chebfun Team

Chebfun is an open-source package for numerical computation with functions to 15-digit accuracy (approximation, interpolation, quadrature)

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updated 2 days ago

dataprocess by Matt Visnovsky

Given keywords, this sifts through a delimited data-containing folder and performs bulk operations (signal processing, data import, data exploration)

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updated 5 days ago

Regularization Kaczmarz Tools Version 1.1 for Matlab by Andrey Ivanov

Regularization Column version of Kaczmarz algorithmfor solving ill-posed systems (iterative projection ..., incorrect problems, regularized solution)




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updated 5 days ago

SistemaAM(varargin) by william cardoza

modulacion am-dbl-blu (signal processing)


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updated 7 days ago

DBL CP- DBL SP by eliana *

modulacion doble banda lateral sin portadora /modulacion doble banda lateral con portadora (signal processing)



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