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updated 13 hours ago

Image_Enhancement_demo.m by Divyesh Varade

Image Enhancement (image processing)


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updated 14 hours ago

Linear by Divyesh Varade

Linear Stretching of an image (linear stretching, image processing)



Demo for Linear Stretching

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updated 21 hours ago

Chebfun by Chebfun Team

Chebfun is an open-source package for numerical computation with functions to 15-digit accuracy (approximation, interpolation, quadrature)

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updated 1 day ago

imshow3Dfull (3D imshow in 3 views) by Maysam Shahedi

imshow3Dfull displays 3D images slice by slice in 3 orthogonal views, with mouse control (3d image viewer, imshow 3d, imshow3d)

imshow3Dfull( Img, disprange )

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updated 2 days ago

Stochastic Fractal Search (SFS) by Hamid Salimi

A novel and powerful metaheuristic algorithm that you can always rely on it (optimization, metaheuristic, fractal)




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updated 2 days ago

SOS.m by Doddy Prayogo

A new population-based metaheuristic algorithm for continuous numerical optimization problems. (genetic algorithm, optimization, metaheuristic)

[bestOrganism bestFitness]=SOS(ecosize,funnum)

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updated 4 days ago

Recalculate rectification indices for rectangle image by Peter Seibold

For fast image processing this script extracts parameters for stereo image rectification. (image processing, stereo vision, calibration)


FindLargestRectanglesPUS(I, crit, minSize)


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updated 4 days ago

Differential Evolution by Markus Buehren

Optimization using the evolutionary algorithm of Differential Evolution. (optimization, evolutionary algorith..., differential evolutio...)


computenewpopulation(pop, bestmem, params)


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