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updated 1 day ago

DavidMercier/NIMS by David MERCIER

A Matlab GUI to plot and to analyze (nano)indentation data (obtained with conical indenters) (gui, data import, data export)

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updated 2 days ago

rgb_to_hsv(M) by uyen nguyen

convertion from RGB to HSV space (image processing)


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updated 4 days ago

ReadPhilipsScanPhysLog(filename, channels, skipprep) by Paul Groot

ReadPhilipsScanPhysLog.m reads Philips scanphyslog files, which are created by Philips MRI scanners. (mri, philips, physiological)

ReadPhilipsScanPhysLog(filename, channels, skipprep)

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updated 5 days ago

Chebfun by Chebfun Team

Chebfun is an open-source package for numerical computation with functions to 15-digit accuracy (approximation, interpolation, quadrature)

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updated 6 days ago

Image isophotes by Vahid K. Alilou

The function extracts isophotes from an arbitrary image (image processing)

isophote( L, alpha )


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updated 7 days ago

ImGRAFT by Aslak Grinsted

An Image Georectification and Feature Tracking toolbox (r2014b graphics ready, template matching, georectification)

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