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updated 3 hours ago

SMART GRID by surya dubey

surya dubey



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updated 13 hours ago

Power Quality Improvement Using Distributed Power Flow Control (DPFC) Demo by ankit kumar

ankit kumar

Simulink model of IEEE 2010 paper (Demo only, Please contact for Complete Simulink model). (dpfc, facts, fact)


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updated 2 days ago

Fuzzy logic control of electric vehicle by Marek Michalczuk

Marek Michalczuk

A fuzzy inference system is used to power management for an electric vehicle with a hybrid source (fuzzy logic, hybrid energy storage, fuzzy inference syste...)




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updated 3 days ago

Rolling Ball on Plane by Janne Salomäki

Janne Salomäki

Model of a rolling ball on plane using SimMechancs. (contact, contact force, friction)


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updated 3 days ago

Simulink ARDrone Target by Daren Lee

Daren Lee

Deploy MATLAB Simulink model automatically to Parrot AR Drone with Embedded Coder C code generation (uav, quadcopter, control design)

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updated 3 days ago

frequency detector by harishkumar


to detect the frequency of the electrical system (simulink)


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updated 3 days ago

DCM LC Buck by mohammad abdi

mohammad abdi

design of DCM buck converter (simulink, simulation, power electronics)


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updated 3 days ago

CCM LC Buck by mohammad abdi

mohammad abdi

design of ccm buck converter (simulation, simulink, control design)

CCM lc buck.slx

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updated 4 days ago

TORCSLink by Owen


An interface between The Open Source Race Car Simulator (TORCS) and MATLAB/Simulink (automotive, robotics, control design)

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updated 5 days ago

Discrete single phase power phase and power factor by Hossein Hafezi

Hossein Hafezi

accurate single phase phase difference between voltage and current measurement (signal processing)


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updated 8 days ago

Frequency response of grid when there is sudden increase in load by Venkatesh Yadav

Venkatesh Yadav

Grid consists of conventional power plants and wind power plant (simulink, sim power systems, grid frequency)


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