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updated 5 hours ago

AndrasHartmann/gapreconst by ahartmann

Reconstruction of Physiological time-series (filter, ecg, signal processing)

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updated 8 hours ago

Extended DFT by Vilnis Liepins

Program EDFT produce high-resolution N-point DFT for N greater than the length of data vector. (spectral analysis, fft, dft)




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updated 9 hours ago

Chebfun by Chebfun Team

Chebfun is an open-source package for numerical computation with functions to 15-digit accuracy (approximation, interpolation, quadrature)

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updated 10 hours ago

Interpolant/Extrapolant 2D/3D data by Mohammad Abouali

Creates Interpolant/Extrapolant for efficient mapping of data between 2D and 3D grids. (interpolationextrapol..., interpolation, extrapolation)




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updated 15 hours ago

Frequency time graph. by Youssef KHMOU

Three dimensional graph to represent one dimensional sine waves (frequency, time, sine wave)


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