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updated 12 hours ago

Plotly | Online MATLAB Graphing by Chris

Publish your MATLAB figures to the web with one line of code. (plot, data export, gui)

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updated 1 day ago

Colormouse by Patrick

Mouse control of the color axis (colormap, color)

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updated 2 days ago

AddAxis 6 by Luke Plausin

Add multiple y-axes to plots, includes mods for zoom, pan, datatip and colorbar tools in R2013b. (addaxis, plotting, plotyy)



aadaxisresizefcn(hax, OuterPos)

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updated 2 days ago

tightPlots by Theodoros Michelis

Plots and subplots with adjustable margins, gaps, axis aspect ratio and figure size (plot, subplot, visualization)

tightPlots(Nh, Nw, w, AR, gap, marg_h, marg_w, units)

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updated 2 days ago

Save and load data as multi-frame TIFF format by YoonOh Tak

Export various types of data such as single, double or 16bit integer as TIFF format (multiframe, tiff, export)


saveastiff(data, path, options)


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updated 3 days ago

superSlider by Danielle Ripsman

A flexible slider creation tool, that allows for multiple slides along a single axis. (slider, gui, visual)


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updated 3 days ago

DGGAM - Draw Graph Get Adjacency Matrix by Ondrej

Draw any graph and export it as fig and save its adjacency matrix (graph, adjacency matrix, graphics export)


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updated 7 days ago

create_positions.m by Bas K

create_positions creates outerposition vectors for desired figure grid (figure placement, figure positioning, multiple figures)

create_positions(rows, columns)

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