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updated 4 years ago

grTheory - Graph Theory Toolbox by Sergii Iglin

Sergii Iglin (view profile)

28 functions for different tasks of graph theory (vertex, edge, matching)




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updated 4 years ago

LinStats by Michael Boedigheimer

Statistical analysis (ANOVA,…) and plotting of fixed and mixed effects models using modern methods (statistics, gui, optimization)

blkrepmat( type, c, q )

center(X, V, dim)

coeff2eqn( coeffs, var_names, skipzeros, parens )

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updated 5 years ago

Optimizing breakpoints for Tables by Richard Willey

Richard Willey (view profile)

MATLAB code to support the "Generating Optimal Tables using MATLAB" webinar. (lookup table, table, optimization)



plotCurrentFit(x, optimValues, state, refFitObj,Xrange,Yr...

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updated 5 years ago

plot_feasible.m by Matthew Roughan

plot_feasible.m is a simple bit of code for visualizing 2D linear programming problems. (optimization, linear programming, visualization)

[sorted_vertices, ...


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updated 12 years ago

regdata by Arthur Jutan

Arthur Jutan (view profile)

Calculates and plots regression statistics from lsqcurvefit.m (optimization, regression, plot)

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