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updated 4 years ago

Compare with hand coding and auto code generation of HDL by Akemi


You can confirm difference betwwen hand writing code and auto generation code. (aerospace, automotive, communications)




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updated 5 years ago

SGALAB 1003 Beta Matrix Varaible Inputs ) by Leo Chen

Leo Chen

Genetic Algorithms Toolbox for Multi-Objective Problems with Fuzzy Logic Controller Applications (optimization, automotive, biotech)

SGA_CONSFUNC_function( X, Y, Z )

SGA_FITNESS_function( X , Y , Z )

SGA_FITNESS_function_TSP( path_array , TSP_cost_matrix)

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updated 10 years ago

GeneralizedFibonacci.m by David Terr

David Terr

GeneralizedFibonacci(n,a,b) returns the generalized Fibonacci number. (symbolic math, fibonacci number, generalized fibonacci...)

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