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updated 1 year ago

A road to classification in high dimensional space: the regularized optimal affine discriminant by Yang Feng

A powerful method for binary classification in high dimensional space (classification, statistics, optimization)


analyzeReal(traindata, testdata)

lda(x, y, xtest, ytest)

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updated 4 years ago

M File Computing Rational Coefficiant For Heart VI1 Simulink by Dit Papa Lamine ndao

computing rational coefficiants for heart VI1 simulink-Mfile (biotech, control design, mathematics)


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updated almost 7 years ago

M-File Application OF Model Pcemaker VI1 of Cardiac Cells With Runge Kutta 4 by Dit Papa Lamine NDao

it is M-file of runge kutta 4 of model pacemaker VI1 for all the cardiac cells parametrized (simulation, runge kutta 4, ode)


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updated 9 years ago

GeneralizedLucas.m by David Terr

GeneralizedLucas(n,a,b) returns the generalized Lucas number with index n and parameters a and b. (symbolic math, lucas number, generalized lucas num...)


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updated 10 years ago

tau.m by David Terr

Given a nonnegative integer n, tau(n) is the Ramanujan tau function of n. (symbolic math, ramanujan tau functio..., modular)


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