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updated 14 days ago

Compute Induced Electric Field by Ligong Han

Ligong Han

Calculate the induced electric field using the integral expression. (physics, engineering, pde)




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updated 4 months ago

calc_meshdata by Immanuel Anjam

Immanuel Anjam

Calculates the affine transformations for integration in 2D/3D via the unit triangle/tetrahedron. (integration, 2d, unit reference triang...)



amsv (ama,svx)

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updated 8 months ago

C.A.G.D by Moustafa Mahmoud Abd El-Rahem

3D Computer Aided Geometric Design ToolBox (3d, cagd, cad)

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updated 2 years ago

regular_mesh by Immanuel Anjam

Immanuel Anjam

Regular (uniform) meshes for non-rectangular domains. (regular, uniform, mesh)




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updated 2 years ago

SCOPE: interactively tabulate SEER excel variables by Rex Cheung

Rex Cheung

This takes SEER excel column data interactively, tabulate them, write back in table format. (data import, data export, optimization)


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updated almost 3 years ago

Simulation of transformation optics designed metamaterial for electromagnetic cloaking by Koppány


This Matlab code simulates the electromagnetic cloaking for finite length line and point sources. (electromagnetic cloak..., simulation, transformation optics)



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updated 6 years ago

Chinese Matlab Digest: Matlab Technical Bulletin by Hong Zhang

Hong Zhang

Chinese Matlab Digest is the first matlab digest published in Chinese by (digest, matlab digest, chinese digest)

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