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updated 7 days ago

Raspberry Pi IO Control Utility by Shamnad

Test or Control Raspberry Pi IO pins with this Matlab GUI (raspberry pi, raspi, raspberrypi)


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updated 11 days ago

Raspberry Pi DC Motor H-Bridge Driver Block SFunction by Joshua Hurst

DC Motor Driver Block using Soft PWM of WiringPi Library (sfunction, raspberry pi, hbridge)


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updated 11 days ago

Raspberry Pi PWM Driver Block SFunction by Joshua Hurst

Simple Soft PWM driver block example using WirngPi (sfunction, driver, raspberry pi)


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updated 12 days ago

Raspberry Pi Quadrature Encoder SFunction by Joshua Hurst

Quadrature encoder route implemented with interrupts with WiringPi (control, motor driver, encoder)


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updated 3 months ago

Codegen complaint number to ASCII function by Curtis

Converts a number into an array of ASCII values compatible with code generation. (num2str, arduino, ascii)



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updated 4 months ago

Raspberry Pi Board LED Test Utility by Shamnad

This is simple utility for Raspberry Pi board LED testing (raspi led, raspberry pi, raspberrypi)


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updated 1 year ago

Arduino S Function for MPC4725 I2C DAC by Guillermo

This is an S Function driver for the MPC4725 I2C Digital to Analog 12 bit converter. (simulink, i2c, arduino)


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updated 1 year ago

NXT-LTD: Line Tracking Dancing Robot Demo by Siddharth

Modeling Logic for Robot Control with Simulink and Stateflow (control logic, state machines, modes)




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updated 5 years ago

Chinese Matlab Digest: Matlab Technical Bulletin by Hong Zhang

Chinese Matlab Digest is the first matlab digest published in Chinese by (digest, matlab digest, chinese digest)

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