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updated 3 months ago

Lloyd's Algorithm by Aaron Becker

Aaron Becker

Starts with a point set, repeatedly moves each point to centroid of Voronoi cell. (lloyds algorithm, simulation, robot coverage)

lloydsAlgorithm(Px,Py, crs, numIterations, showPlot)

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updated 1 year ago

International Space station live track by Sherif


Tracking the internation space station at any time (aerospace, mathematics, orbital mechanics)

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updated 3 years ago

VoronoiLimit by Jakob Sievers

Jakob Sievers

Constrain the vertices of a Voronoi decomposition to the domain of the input data. (voronoi, decomposition, mathematics)


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updated 2 months ago

Pareto Front Using Fitness Sharing by Wesam Elshamy

Wesam Elshamy

Finding the Pareto front of a simple problem using Genetic Algorithms with fitness sharing (genetic algorithms, ga, optimization)

Simple EMOO application (finding the Pareto front)

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updated 1 month ago

inpolygons by Kelly Kearney

Kelly Kearney

Finds points inside multiple polygons, holes possible. (approximation, interpolation, polygon)

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updated 3 days ago

patch2grid by Ivan Kostylev

Ivan Kostylev

Converts patch data to gridded data. (patch, grid, image)


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updated 2 years ago

mimtransform by Felipe G. Nievinski

Felipe G. Nievinski

Changes the map projection of a raster image. (image, mapping, projection)

angle_range_positive (angle)

azimuth_range_positive (varargin)

get_border_ind (grid, n)

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