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updated 1 month ago

legend with delete buttons by Kevin J. Delaney

Adds delete pushbuttons to existing legend (legend, pushbutton, uicontrol)

add_buttons_to_legend(legend_handle, varargin)

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updated 11 months ago

Place legend outside the plot, beneath the title by Kevin J. Delaney

Moves the legend outside the plot but underneath the title. (legend, top, outside)


boxes_overlap(box_1, box_2)


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updated 2 years ago

Adjust "quiver" arrowhead size by Kevin J. Delaney

Lets user easily tweak vectors plotted by "quiver", making arrowheads bigger or smaller. (quiver, arrowhead, vector)

adjust_quiver_arrowhead_size(quivergroup_handle, scaling_...

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updated 3 years ago

Date Odometer class by Kevin J. Delaney

Add an odometer-like object to a plot to show the progression of time. (date, odometer, graphics)

break_into_digits(input_integer, pad_to_length)

break_into_digits(input_integer, pad_to_length)


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updated almost 4 years ago

dateNtick by Kevin J. Delaney

Annotate a plot with both dates AND times. (datetick, date annotation, time annotation)



find_overlap(region_1, region_2, varargin)

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updated almost 4 years ago

Round off dates and times by Kevin J. Delaney

Rounds off a datenum to the nearest second, minute, hour, day, month or year. (datenum, round, date)

datenum_round_off(datenum_in, time_unit_string)

units( x, unit1, unit2 )

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