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updated 16 days ago

3D mesh transform using sparse control points by Daniel Markel

Performs a 3D non-rigid deformation using irregularly placed transformation vectors (non rigid, deformation, sparse)



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updated 9 months ago

Volumetric Data Explorer by Adam Filion

App for exploring higher dimensional data using volumetric visualizations and animation. (app, gui, visualization)

calculatePixelSizes( availableSize, sizes, minSizes, padd...

callCallback( callback, varargin )

findArg( argname, varargin )

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updated 1 year ago

3D Surface Plot For Data Visualization by Yehonatan Peleg

Easy to use function for 3d surface plotting of sample data. (3d, 3d surface, 3d plot)




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updated 1 year ago

Wave Player Visualizations (Geek) by Suraj Kamya

Kviz_playerV1 is Kamya Visualization music player Version 1 have a number of Geek Visz (3D-also) (music player, visualization, sound processing)


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updated 2 years ago

N Dimensional Cardinal Spline (Catmull-Rom) Spline Interpolation by Dr. Murtaza Khan

N -Dimensional cubic Cardinal spline (Catmull-Rom) Interpolation (approximation, interpolation, cardinal spline)


[Pu] =evalcrdnd(P0,P1,P2,P3,T,u)


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updated 2 years ago

circlefit3d - fit circle to three points in 3d space by Johannes Korsawe

Calculate center, radius and plane of circle that passes through three given points (circle, points, fit)


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updated 3 years ago

Quick Structured Mesh Generator by Tolga Birdal

Fast generation of structured meshes given the vertices (MEX!). Interpolation/resizing of the mesh. (structured mesh, depth map, point cloud)


drawMesh(vertex, face, varargin)

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updated 3 years ago

Surface2VTK by James Ramm

Interpolates scattered data and saves the result to a vtk file. (vtk, surface, surf)




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updated 3 years ago

Separable N-Dimensional Convolution by Igor Solovey

N-dimensional convolution for separable kernels, similar to functionality of "conv2(hcol, hrow, A)" (convolution, separability, nd)



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updated 3 years ago

Plot a surface through X-Y-Z data in 3D by Bruce Raine

Plots X-Y-Z data in 3D using the SURF command. Does not need the Curve Fitting Toolbox. (surf, triscatteredinterp, xyz)


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updated almost 4 years ago

2D - 2D Projective Homography (3x3) Estimation by SasiKanth

This function estimates 2D-2D projective homography between two images. (homography, image processing, signal processing)

homography( i1, i2)

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updated 4 years ago

GAFFE A toolbox for solving evolutionary nonlinear PDEs by Edward Grace

This toolbox implements the well known split-step Fourier technique for solving nonlinear PDEs. (pde, fft, nonlinear)




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updated 4 years ago

Triangular Mesh Refinement by Dirk-Jan Kroon

This function will refine a triangular mesh with 4-split spline interpolation (approximation, interpolation, triangular)

Fnew=makenewfacelist(F,HT_index, HT_values)



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updated 5 years ago

Transform a 3d volume by using an affine transformation matrix by Martijn Steenwijk

This function transforms a volume by using an affine transformation matrix. (transformation, geometry, affine)

affine3d(old_im, M, range_x, range_y, range_z, method)

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updated 5 years ago

imagescnan.m v2.1 (Aug 2009) by Carlos Adrian Vargas Aguilera

Same as IMAGESC but ignores NaNs. (specialized, plotting, imagesc)


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updated 5 years ago

Bezier Interpolation in N-Dimension Space by Dr. Murtaza Khan

Bezier interpolation for given four control points. Each control point can be in N-Dimensional. (approximation, interpolation, bezier)



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updated almost 7 years ago

Triparabolic interpolation by Orlando Rodríguez

Triparabolic function interpolation and calculation of derivatives. (approximation, interpolation, 3d function)


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updated 7 years ago

gridtrimesh by Willie Brink

Fits a square grid surface of the form z = f(x,y) to a triangular mesh surface. (approximation, interpolation, square)



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