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updated 10 months ago

Dicom Operator - EsmeProcess by Jun Li

EsmeProcess functions dicom image operation including viewing, drawing, writing and statistic. (dicom, mask, header)

EsmeProcess Tutorial

[meanGL1, stdGL1, meanGL2, stdGL2, ...


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updated 11 months ago

Recursive directory listing - Enhanced RDIR by Thomas Vanaret

Files and directories listing, including recursive and other special features (dir, recursive, file)

RDIR Enhanced - Examples of use


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updated 1 year ago

MKXLSFUNC: Easily integrate legacy spreadsheet tools into MATLAB by Sky Sartorius

Creates an m-file function that does analysis within your specified Excel-based analysis tool. (xls, xlsread, xlswrite)


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updated 3 years ago

Demo files for "MATLAB for Excel Users" webinar by Jiro Doke

This is the demo used in March 22, 2011 webinar "MATLAB for Excel Users". (excel, webinar, mathworks)

Energy Forecast Demo


createSurfaceFit(thisHour, thisTemp, thisPower)

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updated 8 years ago

grep: a pedestrian, very fast grep utility by us

a unix-like, very fast grep utility to find strings(s) in files of any type (path, directories, files)



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updated almost 9 years ago

ehelp: a pedestrian extended help extractor utility by us

ehelp typically is used as a subroutine to extract extended help from its main function (development environme..., help, section)




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