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updated 8 days ago

3D image viewer and slicer by Jun Tan

A fast 3D image viewer and slicer that provides measurement, statistics, and visualization tools. (3d image, viewer, slicer)




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updated 23 days ago

Simple Viewer 3D by Alberto Gomez

Simple 3D / 4D Medical Image Viewer (medical image, visualization, oblique slicing)


[img, info]=read_mhd(filename)

bv_axis_constrainFcn( new_position, view_number )

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updated 7 months ago

Multi-view intersection by Bashar Alsadik

Multi image intersection by interactive point measurements using bundle adjustment. (photogrammetry, computer vision, sfm)


multiview intersect.m

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updated 1 year ago

Imagine by Christian Wuerslin

4D/3D image visualization and evaluation GUI. (gui, image visualization, image analysis)

Imagine App


fEvalLineFWHM(SData, sSelectionType, hTexts)

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updated 3 years ago

Voxel Image by Stefan

This function creates a voxel image from a list of 3D data points using patch. (voxel, image, image processing)

voxel_image( pts, vox_sz, color, alpha, edgec )

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updated almost 4 years ago

look3d: A 3-D Image Viewer by Ren Hui Gong

This GUI program allows you to navigate through a 3-D image with three orthogonal views. (image processing, visualization, 3d image)

info =mha_read_header(filename)



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