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updated 8 months ago

IEEE 802.11ad PHY Waveform Generation API by Prem Nerella

Capable of generating 802.11ad Control , SC and OFDM PHY waveforms (ieee, 80211, 80211ad)




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updated 1 year ago

Probabilistic analysis of IEEE 802.11 (802.11e) by Pavel Rajmic

Evaluating probabilities that a specified station gains the access to the wireless medium. (probability, ieee 80211e, edca)



edca_simulation(matrix, count)

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updated 11 years ago

IEEE 802.11a WLAN model by Martin Clark

IEEE 802.11a WLAN physical layer model, with demonstration of adaptive modulation and coding. (wireless, 80211a, 80211)

IEEE80211a_graphics(s, ax, firstcall, params);

IEEE80211a_graphics(s, ax, firstcall, params);

IEEE80211a_open_graphics(blk, forceClose);

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