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updated 2 years ago

input impedance converter : S11, Z, Y (1 complex value) by tudor dima

tudor dima (view profile)

reflection coef. converter: S11 -impedance -admittance -Return Loss -VSWR; graphical & text input (wireless, sparameters, impedance)

Input Impedance Converter


convF(what, v1, v2, Zo)

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updated 4 years ago

ZfitGUI(varargin) fits and simulates impedance data by Jean-Luc Dellis

Jean-Luc Dellis (view profile)

ZfitGUI helps to identify a right model of complex data. (impedance, admittance, model)


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updated almost 5 years ago

Zfit by Jean-Luc Dellis

Jean-Luc Dellis (view profile)

ZFIT is a function which can PLOT, SIMULATE and FIT impedance data (optimization, impedance, admittance)


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