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updated 3 years ago

Computer plays Tetris by itself by Maxim Vedenyov

Some not perfect AI used. (tetris, ai, game)

[G nl dl]=delete_solid_line(G,nl)

[G ym]=put_block(G,bk,x)

[bk bkn]=random_block

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updated 4 years ago

solve 2d wave equation with FDM by Maxim Vedenyov

With 4 visualizations: colormap, surface, refraction, reflection (2d, wave equation, visualization)




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updated 6 years ago

Generate Animated GIF Files for Plotting Audio Data by Theodoros Giannakopoulos

This m-file generates a animated GIF file that visualizes audio data. (audio processing, video processing, audio visulization)

createAnimatedGifFromWav(wavFileName, windowLength, Width...

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updated 7 years ago

pix2anigif by Gabe Hoffmann

Combines sequence of numbered pictures into an animated GIF. (graphics import, graphics export, animated gif)

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