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updated 1 month ago

Acoustic Spherical Array Processing by Archontis Politis

Routines to convert microphone signals to spherical harmonic signals and associated processing (array processing, spherical acoustics, signal processing)

plotMicArray(mic_dirs, R)

simulateArrayRec(sig_dirs_rad, sig, N_order, R, mic_dirs_...

simulateArraySHT(micsig, maxN, R, mic_dirs_rad, maxG_db, ...

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updated 8 months ago

Optimum Array Processing (Van Trees) Solutions and Figures by Kristine Bell

Chapter 2-7 Solution and Figure Files (array processing, beamforming, direction of arrival ...)




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updated 5 years ago

Coherently aligns data by Joshua Carmichael

Aligns data according to cross-corr maxima (cross correlation, signal processing, array processing)

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