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updated 21 days ago

Gooding's State Vector-to-Orbital Elements Algorithm by David Eagle

MATLAB demo script and function that implements Gooding's method. (astrodynamics)



oeprint1(mu, oev, ittype)

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updated 6 months ago

Robust solver for Lambert's orbital-boundary value problem by Rody Oldenhuis

Solves any Lambert-problem robustly. Can be compiled to increase efficiency. (orbital mechanics, space, space mechanics)

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updated 12 months ago

Orbit determination using the Laplace method by Shiva Iyer

Two-body orbit determination from azimuth/elevation readings using the Laplace method (astrodynamics, orbital mechanics, orbit determination)

GMST(yy, mm, dd, hh, min, ss)

geodetic_to_ECI(lat, lon, alt, yy, mm, dd, hh, min, ss)

horizontal_to_equatorial(azi, ele, lat, lon, yy, mm, dd, ...

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updated 12 months ago

Solve Lambert's Problem in Two-Body Dynamics by Shiva Iyer

Solve Lambert's problem in two-body dynamics using universal variables (twobody problem, lamberts problem, universal variables)

lambert_universal(mu, t1, r1, t2, r2, path)


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updated 2 years ago

orbits - plot orbits around Earth in an interactive manner. by Michael

This GUI lets you plot orbits around Earth interactively. (earth, orbit, satellite)

orbits - plot orbits around Earth in an interactive manner


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updated 2 years ago

Vectorized Picard-Chebyshev Method by Darin Koblick

Vectorized Picard-Chebyshev Method used for the analysis of the 2012 ASME Conference paper 87878 (orbit propagation, kepler, picard chebyshev)




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updated 2 years ago

Gauss-Jackson Eighth-Order ODE Solver (Fixed Step Size) by Darin Koblick

Gauss-Jackson Eight-Order MultiStep Predictor-Corrector using ODE113 in its startup procedure. (gauss jackson, ode, propagator)




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updated 4 years ago

ASTROTIK 1.0 by Francesco Santilli

Astrodynamics and flight mechanics functions library. (astrodynamics, flight mechanics, orbital elementes)




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