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updated 10 months ago

sigstar - add signifiance stars to bar charts, box plots, etc by Rob Campbell

Add significance bars and asterisks to various plot types (statistics, plotting, pvalue)



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updated 12 months ago

Bar Chart with Error Bars by Martina Callaghan

This is a very simple extension of MatLab's bar function to add error bars. (error, bar, errorbar)


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updated 1 year ago

dynplot by Philipp Homan

Draws what is commonly known as 'dynamite plot'. (statistics, medical, bar chart)


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updated almost 3 years ago

Faded bar chart by Malcolm McLean

Bar chart add-on that shows the error as a fade-out rather than using error bars. (bar chart, error bars, faded errors)

fadedBar( h, errstd )

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updated 3 years ago

Coloured bar chart by Malcolm McLean

Simple wrapper to bar allowing you to specify bar colors and labels. (bar, bar chart)

coloredbar( x, labels, colors, varargin )

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updated 5 years ago

Bar- and candle style graph for stocks by Jelle Veraa

Plots a bar graph of stock OHLC values, o (finance, chart, bar chart)



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