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updated 27 days ago

Bayesian Multiscale Smoothing for d-dimensional Gaussian Noised Images by MENG

It contains the functions and a demonstration file to denoise 3D images. (image processing, 3d image, denoise)


Estimation(obs, tsigma, tau, M)

EstimationShift(obs, sigmahat, tau, M, step, parallel)

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updated 28 days ago

Bayesian Linear Regression by Soumya Banerjee

This is a set of MATLAB functions to do Bayesian linear regression (statistics, optimization, mathematics)



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updated 29 days ago

Bayesian Multiscale Smoothing for 2-dimensional Gaussian Noised Images by MENG

It contains the functions and a demonstration file. (image processing, bayesian, multiscale)

Bayesian_CRP(obs, sigmahat_method, step, parallel)


Estimation(obs, tsigma, tau, M)

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updated 1 year ago

Rock Paper Scissors Bayesian Network Learner by Qingyang Chen

Use of a Bayesian network to predict the player in rock-paper-scissors based on previous patterns. (rock paper scissors, bayesian network, bayesian)

rockpaperscissors_comment( whoWin, youStreak )


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updated 1 year ago

Metropolis Hastings by Saad Jbabdi

Simple but powerful implementation of the MH algorithm (monte carlo markov ch..., metropolis hastings, bayesian)


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updated almost 2 years ago

Variational Bayesian Canonical Correlation Analysis by Makoto Takemiya

This package provides a Matlab (object-oriented) implementation of Bayesian CCA. (bayesian, bcca, cca)



[pr_struct,pr] =BCCApredBoth(x1,x2,tr_struct,pr_parm)

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updated 2 years ago

NIST Statistical Reference Datasets for Nonlinear Regression by Adam Gripton

MAT file of all the benchmark Nonlinear Regression problems from the NIST StRD website (nonlinear, regression, statistics)

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updated almost 3 years ago

Variational Bayesian Inference for Gaussian Mixture Model by Mo Chen

Variational Bayes method (mean field) for GMM can auto determine the number of components (bayesian, variational, gaussian)


logsumexp(x, dim)

spread(X, label)

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updated almost 4 years ago

BMS toolbox for Matlab: Bayesian Model Averaging (BMA) by stz Zeugner

Do Bayesian Model Averaging (BMA) via a hidden instance of R (Windows only). (bayesian, r, statconn)


bms(X_data, burn, iter, nmodel, mcmc, g, mprior, mprior_s...


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updated 5 years ago

Differential Evolution Monte Carlo sampling by Corey Yanofsky

easy Bayesian computation for real parameter spaces (statistics, probability, bayesian)



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updated 6 years ago

Conditional Density Propagation Tracker (1 Dimenstional) by Prakash Manandhar

Tracks parameter in clutter using Isard and Blake (1998)'s ConDensation Algorithm. (image processing, signal processing, statistics)



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updated almost 11 years ago

Accurate Confidence Intervals by Tim Ross

Computes especially accurate confidence intervals for proportions, rates, and their differences. (statistics, probability, confidence interval)


binopdf_of_p(p, x, n)


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