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updated 3 days ago

GIBBON: The Geometry and Image-Based Bioengineering add-On for MATLAB by Kevin Moerman

GIBBON: The Geometry and Image-Based Bioengineering add-On for MATLAB (bioengineering, finite element, meshing)

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updated 19 days ago

Main(varargin) by Edson Lozada

Biomechanics GUI linnear analysis (biomechanics)


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updated 5 months ago

FreeBody Beta by Daniel Cleather

A musculoskeletal model of the lower limb (biomechanics, musculoskeletal model, muscle)

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updated 8 months ago

Camera-Positioner by Michael

Transforms objects to optical motion tracker coordinates (stl, computer vision, computation geometry)

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updated 9 months ago

Dual quaternion toolbox by Guillaume Leclercq

This toolbox provides dual quaternion methods, focusing on 3D kinematics for points and lines. (quaternion, dual quaternion, geometric algebra)




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updated 1 year ago

Defining Cartesian Reference Frames based on Point Positions by Paolo de Leva

Defining 3-D Cartesian reference frames based on the positions of at least 3 non-collinear points (mechanical modeling, cartesian coordinate ..., reference frame)

ARF(P, segname, side, varargin)

footBAF(HEEL, MET1, MET5, MET2, side, varargin)


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updated almost 3 years ago

Import Data from Text Files Generated by Cosmed FitMate by John Rogers

Import Cosmed FitMate metabolic data text files into MATLAB. (biomechanics, fitness, data import)



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updated 8 years ago

EMGONOFF by Kieran Coghlan

Finds the "on" and "off" indicies of a single raw surface EMG burst (muscle contraction). (medical, muscle, onset)

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updated 9 years ago

Singular Spectrum Analysis smoother by Francisco Javier Alonso

Function for smoothing signals using Singular Spectrum Analisys. (filter design, filter analysis, signal processing)

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