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updated 23 days ago

roundfrac by Chad Greene

Chad Greene

Round numbers to nearest fraction. (round, mod, fraction)

roundfrac documentation


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updated 10 months ago

Round, Ceil and Floor Matlab-datenumbers by Oscar Hartogensis

Oscar Hartogensis

round/ceil/floor Matlab datenumbers to the nearest N or multiple N of a time_unit (datenumber, timestamp, round)




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updated 1 year ago

RoundX - Round to desired precision by dberm22


Rounds the elements of X with the desired precision. (round, ceil, floor)

roundx(X, decimalplaces, options)

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updated 2 years ago

Round Toward Vector of Values by Tom R

Tom R

Round values towards a given vector of choices. (round, fix, floor)


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updated 3 years ago

vRound by Alexandra


variable rounding (round, ceil, floor)

vround(VALUE, EXPONENT, varargin)

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updated 6 years ago

Round to a Specified Number of Significant Digits by Edward Zechmann

Edward Zechmann

Rounds a numeric array to a specified number of Significant Digits. (round, significant, digits)

[A2, A_str, real_digitsL, real_digitsR, imag_digitsL, ima...

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