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updated 2 years ago

Coaxial Cable Based CDMA System Simulation by Iftekhar Tanveer

This is a simulation of CDMA Encoding & Decoding Process using a coax channel. (coding theory, information theory, coaxial cable)

Coaxial Cable Based CDMA System Simulation


CDMA_Encode(TotalChips, ...

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updated 3 years ago

Channel capacity using Arimoto-Blahut Algorithm by reeno joseph

To find Channel capacity by maximizing mutual information w.r.t source symbol probability matrix Pc. (channel capacity, arimoto, blahut)


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updated 4 years ago

M-PSK Table generator by Ismail M. El-Badawy

M-PSK parameters ( M , m , rate , min bandwith , bandwidth efficiency , Eb/No ) table generator. (mary, mpsk, ber)

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updated almost 7 years ago

channel capacity by ABDULLAH AL-FAIFI

Arimot-Blahut Algorithm (embedded matlab, channel capacity, embedded matlab)

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