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updated 9 months ago

Wigner-Hough Transform by Kami

WHT.m creates a chirp signal and the functions perform Wigner-Ville Distribution and Hough transform (signal processing, wigner transform, hough transform)

hough(IM, f, t, M, N)

wv(x, t, N)


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updated 10 months ago

Oscillator and Signal Generator by W. Owen Brimijoin

A simple command-line function for generating standard waveforms, click trains and noise bursts. (signal generator, signal processing, oscillator)


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updated 3 years ago

Swept-Sine Analysis by Oygo

Acquire the linear impulse response of a device under test (measurement, impulse response, sweptsine)

extractIR(sweep_response, invsweepfft)



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updated 9 years ago

Virtual Signal Lab by walid shehata

It is a virtual signal lab on the builtin MATLAB sounds. (audio processing, video processing, signal lab)


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