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updated 2 years ago

pregress.m by Elizabeth


A Matlab function pregress.m to carry out linear regression for an arbitrary order n polynomial. (regression, polynomial fit, leastsquares)

pregress( x,y,m );

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updated 4 years ago

polyfit3 by Antoni J. Canós

Antoni J. Canós

Fit polynomial to data, with new features as forced to zero coefficients and data weighting. (approximation, interpolation, fitting)


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updated almost 6 years ago

improved coeffsort by Balavelan Thanigaivelan

sorts coefficients of single variable polynomial (symbolic, coefficients, polynomial)

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updated 6 years ago

Scalable MPEG compression based on DCT coefficients by Zahid Ali

Zahid Ali

This application makes 2 layers base Layer and enhancement layer from quantized coefficients (compression, scalable mpeg, layers)

BmotionEstARPS(imgP, imgI, mbSize, p)

BmotionEstARPS(imgP, imgI, mbSize, p)

BmotionEstARPS(imgP, imgI, mbSize, p)

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updated 7 years ago

Orthogonal Linear Regression by F. Carr

F. Carr

Fit data using orthogonal linear regression. (approximation, interpolation, linear regression)

linortfit2(xdata, ydata)


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updated 8 years ago

1D Gaussian lowpass filter by William Rose

William Rose

Returns coefficients of 1D Gaussian lowpass filter (filter design, filter analysis, gaussian lowpass filt...)

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updated 8 years ago


The 3D Set Partitioning In Hierarchical Trees Matlab Code (compression, spiht, 3dspiht)


func_DWT(I, level, type);

func_Descendant(i, j, k, type, M)

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updated 9 years ago

Stirling numbers of the first kind by Steven Huang

Steven Huang

This c-mex function obtains the Stirling numbers of the first kind. (stirling number, cmex function, coefficients)

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updated 10 years ago

cfrac.m by David Terr

David Terr

cfrax(x,n) returns the first n terms in the contined fraction expansion of x. (symbolic math, contined fraction, first)

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updated 11 years ago

SYMPOLY2SYM by Tim Farajian

Tim Farajian

Similar to poly2sym but can handle symbolic coefficients and indeterminate variables. (symbolic math, sym, symbolic)

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