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updated 4 years ago

Hidden Markov Tree model of Contourlet Transform by duncanpo Po

duncanpo Po

MATLAB files that fit a hidden Markov tree model (contourlet, denoise, denoising)

contourlet(pyrfilter, dirfilter, levndir, imname, imformat)

contourlet2tree(coef, dir)

contournc(nv, pyrfilter, dirfilter, nlev, imdim)

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updated almost 5 years ago

Mammogram microcalcification Enhancement using NSCT by Jose


algorithm to enhance the using nonsubsampled contourlet transform (mammogram, microcalcification, contourlet)


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updated 6 years ago

PDTDFB toolbox by Truong Nguyen

Truong Nguyen

PDTDFB toolbox for computing the shiftable complex directional pyramid decomposition (curvelet, contourlet, filter bank)

SNR(in, est)

ang_pdfb(ang, nlev)


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updated almost 9 years ago

Nonsubsampled Contourlet Toolbox by Arthur Cunha

Arthur Cunha

  • 1 file
  • 4.69231

Toolbox Implementing NSCT (transforms, contourlet, geometry)



decdemo( im, option )

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updated 9 years ago

Contourlet toolbox by Minh Do

Minh Do

Contourlet transform: an efficient and flexible multiresolution, local, and directional image ... (transforms, contourlet, wavelet)

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