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updated 28 days ago

Multivariate Polynomial Regression by Ahmet Cecen

Performs polynomial regression on multidimensional data. (polynomial regression, statistics, multivariable regress...)

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updated 2 years ago

Manual Curve Fit by Henning Francke

Draw line manually over plot and retrieve coordinates (trend line, manual draw, move point)


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updated 3 years ago

Auto Gaussian & Gabor fits by Patrick Mineault

Fit 1D/2D Gaussian or Gabor to a curve/surface without start guesses for params (gaussian, curve fit, global optimization)




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updated 4 years ago

Regular Control Point Interpolation Matrix with Boundary Conditions by Matt J

Creates Toeplitz-like matrices representing interpolation operations with edge conditions. (interpolation, spline, bspline)



T=interpMatrix(kernel, origin, numCtrlPoints, CtrlPointSe...

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updated 7 years ago

Modified Rosin-Rammler Distribution by DS

Functions for manipulating or fitting data with the modified Rosin-Rammler distribution. (statistics, probability, rosinrammler)

Demonstration of modified Rosin-Rammler distribution func...

mRosinRammlerCDF( value, spread, dCUP )

mRosinRammlerFit(xdata, ydata,params)

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