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updated 1 month ago

ISO 8601 Date String to Serial Date Number by Stephen Cobeldick

Convert an ISO 8601 Date String to Serial Date Numbers. Auto-detect or select the timestamp style. (calendar date, date, iso 8601)


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updated 1 month ago

Date Vector/Number to ISO 8601 Date String by Stephen Cobeldick

Convert a Date Vector/Number to an ISO 8601 Date String. Tokens control the date/time notation. (date, timestamp, iso 8601)


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updated 1 year ago

DateStr2Num by Jan Simon

Convert date string to date number - C-Mex: much faster than DATENUM (date, number, serial)

DateStr2Num(S, F)


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updated almost 4 years ago

mdatestr, mdatenum: A simple alternative of datestr and datenum by Zhiqiang Zhang

the original datestr and datenum are powerful, but slow. The two functions' are limited, but faster. (datetime, datenum, datestr)



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updated 4 years ago

DateConvert by Jan Simon

Simple but fast date conversion: 1.3% of DATESTR time, 20% of DATEVEC/ DATENUM time (date, conversion, datenum)

DateConvert(DIn, OutFormat)


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updated 7 years ago

DATEPART by Ian Howat

Extract decimal yr/month/day/hr/min/sec from a datenum. More versatile than datevec. (clock, fun, date)


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updated 11 years ago

PlotDateTime by Simon Bridger

Puts actual dates and times onto a plot. (annotation, customization, datestr)


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