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updated 3 months ago

xor64decode.m by Dmitriy Shaulskiy

String decryption by xor base 64 (decode, xor, decription)

xor64decode(str, key)

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updated 3 years ago

Substitution Cipher encoder and decoder by Dafydd Stephenson

A simple pair of functions to encode messages and decode them by means of frequency analysis. (substitution cipher, substitution, cryptanalysis)



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updated 5 years ago

golaycodec by Ben Petschel

encode/decode a binary array using the Golay code with error correction (golay, golay code, encode)


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updated 7 years ago

COMTRADE reader by Brian Kirby

Reads a COMTRADE file into the workspace (comtrade, decode, power industry)

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updated 9 years ago

fparser: a pedestrian m-file parser and tokenizer by us

lists ML-tokens and constructs (function, var, struct assignment) in a m-file or from a command line (script, function, variable)




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updated 10 years ago

ADPCM encoder and decoder by Panson Tantikovit

IMA based ADPCM encoder and decoder. (audio processing, video processing, audio compression)



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updated 10 years ago

rude: a pedestrian run-length decoder-encoder by us

Run-length- decodes or encodes any ML datatype. (matrices, runlength, decode)


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updated 10 years ago

Encode Decode ASCII Binary by Fahad Al Mahmood

2 M-files to encode or decode ASCII and binary numbers. (coding theory, information theory, encode)




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