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Trainable COSFIRE fi lters for vessel delineation with application to retinal images by Nicola Strisciuglio

B-COSFIRE filters rely on the responses of a pool of DoG functions and delineate bar-like structures (delineation, segmentation, dog)

Application( )

BCOSFIRE(image, filter1, filter2, preprocessthresh, thresh)

BeforeUsing( )

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updated 1 year ago

Livewire (Intelligent Scissors) ROI Creation by Christian Wuerslin

Implementation of the livewire algorithm for intelligent ROI drawing. Can be used instead of ROIPOLY (livewire, intelligent scissors, roi)


fLiveWireGetCostFcn(dImg, dWz, dWg, dWd)


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updated almost 4 years ago

Pulse Waveform Delineator by ABing

An automatic delineator was proposed to detect the fiducial points of blood pressure waveforms (blood pressure, delineation, segmentation)




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