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updated 10 days ago

Bit Error Rate (BER) Vs Bit energy to Noise density ratio (EbNo) by Sandeep Konam

Compares noise performance of digital modulation techniques (digital communication..., noise performance, digital modulation te...)


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updated 2 years ago

ofdm transmission with RS code and comparision by digital modulation techniques by Amit Abhishek,Amit Gupta,Roshan,Sohan,Sunil

This is OFDM transmission,implemented with RSCode.Also compared by digital modulations tech(Bpsk... (ofdm, pn sequence, rs code)


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updated 3 years ago

Digital Modulation:ASK, PSK, FSK by Nikesh Bajaj

ASK, PSK, FSK modulation and BER vs SNR calculation (ask, psk, fsk)


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