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updated 6 days ago

Customizable Natural-Order Sort by Stephen Cobeldick

Natural-order sort of a cell array of strings, with customizable numeric format. (pick of the week, potw, natural order)


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updated 1 month ago

Two Double Pendulum (MATLAB Code) by Morteza

A Code That Shows Two Double Pendulum With Little Difference In Angle (chaos, farbod, farbodrazi)


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updated 7 months ago

doublesisder.m by Daniel

Create Space State system matrix from a couple of differential equations (space state, matriz, double)


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updated 8 months ago

Numeric to Ordinal-String by Stephen Cobeldick

Convert numeric values to a character array of integers with ordinal suffixes (numeric -> string). (ordinal, suffix, int2str)


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updated 10 months ago

cicularconvolution of sequences and plotting in GUI by ratan pal singh

circular convolution is a technique of convolution of sequences (circular convolution, plot, stem)

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updated almost 3 years ago

bitgui: A graphical explorer of the IEEE 754 floating point formats by Janis Kalofolias

Graphically edit the binary representation of floating point formats and analyze their values. (ieee 754, binary representation, interactive)



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updated 3 years ago

IEEE 754 Precision Format by Michael Chan

The objective is to illustrate the IEEE 754 double and single precision formats. (data, format, double)

bin2hex (binary)

containsDecimal (value)

getFloatBinary (residue, numberOfBitsAlocatedForDecimal)

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updated almost 5 years ago

CELL2FLOAT by Jos (10584)

converts cell array into scalar float array (v4.0, jan 2010) (matrices, cell, double)

cell2float(C, Filler, StopOnError)

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updated 5 years ago


An array that inherits from class DOUBLE and allows a user to index elements using an enumerated typ (matrices, double, array)


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updated 5 years ago

IEEE 754r Half Precision floating point converter by James Tursa

Converts MATLAB or C variables to/from IEEE 754r Half Precision floating point bit pattern. (half precision, ieee 754r, ieee 754)




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updated 6 years ago

quantum computer by Toshifumi Itakura

qubit by using quantum dots (physics, double, dot)



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updated 7 years ago

ByteView by Giampiero Campa

Signal composition/decomposition into different types. (simulink, numbers, type)


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updated almost 8 years ago

A double integration of the tabulated data. by Robertas balevicius

A double integration of the tabulated data. (integration, double, tabulated)

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updated 8 years ago

LinkTopAxisData by Tim Richards

Adds a linked second x axis to a plot (annotation, customization, plotxx)

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updated 9 years ago

Add top X-axis with different scale by Emmanuel Dinnat

Add an X-axis on top (additional to the one on bottom) of the figure, with its own ticks labels ... (annotation, customization, xaxis)

addTopXAxis (varargin)

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updated 9 years ago

str2cell: a pedestrian cell creator by us

creates a cell array from an input vector of any valid ML datatype (matrices, char, string)


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updated 9 years ago

XML Toolbox by Marc Molinari

Conversion of MATLAB data types to XML and vice versa. (data import, data export, xml toolbox)




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updated 10 years ago

addtxaxis by Francois Bouffard

Adds a top x-axis with arbitrary scale (annotation, customization, double)


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updated 12 years ago

From Double To String by Herman Gollwitzer

A conversion from a float to a binary string representation is provided. (format, num2bin, double)




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updated almost 17 years ago

fpbin.c by James Stine

View a double precision floating-point number in binary, hex, and its correct stored value. (mex, floating, point)

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