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updated 12 days ago

DXFLib by Grzegorz Kwiatek

DXFLib is a library written in MATLAB that allows to create simple AutoCAD DXF files. (dxf, 3d, pdf)



dxf_marker(FID, markertype, X, Y, Z, varargin)

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updated 4 years ago

dxf2coord 2.0 by lukas wischounig

reads the coordinates and layernames of some entities of a acad r2000 - r2007 ascii .dxf file (dxf, autocad, data import)


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updated 5 years ago

Read DXF File Data by Sebastian

Read geometry and properties of AutoCad's Entities. (dxf, geometry, data exploration)


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updated 9 years ago

read_dxf -- read in an ASCII dxf file by Steven Michael

read_dxf will load an ASCII dxf file into MATLAB. (graphics import, graphics export, dxf)



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updated 9 years ago

Model3d by Steven Michael

MATLAB class for reading, viewing 3D dxf and 3ds files. (graphics import, graphics export, dxf)


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updated 9 years ago

dxf2coord 1.1 by lukas wischounig

The script reads the coordinates of points, lines, polylines, 3d polylines 3dfaces and circles from (data import, data export, dxf)




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updated 10 years ago

dxf export for 3d line elements by Christoph Krall

Exports 3d line elements into a DXF file for further use with CAD software. (data import, data export, dxf)

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updated 11 years ago

CAD2MATDEMO.M by Don Riley

3D CAD data to MATLAB Converter, CAD STL to MATLAB Patch. (data import, data export, 3d cad)



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updated almost 16 years ago

writedxf.m by Greg Siegle

Given filename, 3-D mesh - generated DXF file with surface specified by the mesh. (graphics import, graphics export, dxf)


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