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updated 6 months ago

Stable Sampling of Point Clouds for ICP Registration by Tolga Birdal

The function implements the sampling strategy of Geometrically Stable Sampling for the ICP Algorithm (icp, iterative closest poi..., point cloud)

[SrcSample, SrcSampleNormals]=sample_pc_stable(Src, Norma...


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updated 1 year ago

Point cloud normal vector by Jered Wells

NORMND computes the vector normal to points in an N-D point cloud (eigenvector, eigenvalue, normal)


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updated 3 years ago

Laplacian in 1D, 2D, or 3D by Andrew Knyazev

Sparse (1-3)D Laplacian on a rectangular grid with exact eigenpairs. (matrix, mathematics, laplacian)


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updated almost 5 years ago

Extracting Simulink State Definition (Example 1) by Dan Lluch

Explores how Simulink defines its states and what you can do once you know that definition. (simulink, state, order)



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updated 9 years ago

Power iteration to find max/min eigenvalue/vector by Steven Huang

This is an c-mex function to find the max/min eigenvalue/vector. (linear algebra, power method, eigenvalue)

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updated 10 years ago

error_ellipse by AJ Johnson

Plot an error ellipse depicting confidence interval given a covariance matrix. (statistics, probability, eep)

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