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updated 7 days ago

Flashcode by Armin

Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Calculations (flash) using Peng-Robinson Equation of State (eos, flash, vle)


flasher( Mix, T, P, R )

sep( ps )

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updated 2 months ago

Peng-Robinson & Soave-Redlich-Kwong Flash Separation Solution by Patrick

File solves a quarternary system using either PR or SRK EOS for a flash separator (eos, pengrobinson, soaveredlichkwong)


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updated 1 year ago

Mixture property calculations using PR, RK and SRK EoS. by Antonio

The file prsrk.m calculates major thermodynamic properties using any of PR, RK or SRK EoS. (thermodynamic calcula..., eos, distillation)




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updated 5 years ago

Earth Observing System Data Visualization by Rob Comer

Read Earth Observing System (EOS) data products in HDF format and visualize them in MATLAB(R). (satellite, digest, article)




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updated almost 8 years ago

instrrev/strrevfind by Tseviet Tchen

Find character in string from EOS (right-hand end) (strings, reverse, find)

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updated almost 9 years ago

Buble p calculation by Jafar F

This program calculate buble p and y for a mixture of i component using phi-phi model on the basis o (simulation, buble, modified)

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