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updated 1 month ago

readmpo by Zohar Bar-Yehuda

Zohar Bar-Yehuda

Reads multiple JPEG images stored in an MPO file (mpo, image, file format)


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updated 9 months ago

Matlab2Gwyddion by Jens Brauer

Jens Brauer

Save Matlab data from SPM/AFM scans for use with Gwyddion (afm, spm, file format)

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updated 2 years ago

Load Tobii eyetracker TSV (export) data files by Guillaume


This function load a TSV file generated by the Tobii Studio software. (tobii, eyetracker, file format)

loadTobiiTSV(fileName, chosenColumns, nbHeaderLines, data...

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updated almost 3 years ago

Leica image format file loader by Hiroshi Kawaguchi

Hiroshi Kawaguchi

Read and preview of Leica's image format file. (gui, file format, microscopy)


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updated 3 years ago

SIR file format utilities by David Long

David Long

MATLAB utilities for manipulating and displaying SIR file format images. (sir, file format, pathfinder)

[alon, alat]=ieasegrid(iopt,thelon,thelat,ascale)

[alon, alat]=pix2latlon(x,y1,head)

[alon, alat]=pixtolatlon(x,y1,head)

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updated 4 years ago

Simple Structured Data Format (SSDF) by Almar Klein

Almar Klein

SSDF is a format for storing structured (scientific) data. (file format, simple, python)

ssdf(arg1, arg2)


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updated almost 10 years ago

Extract file format by Vaibhav Srivastava

Vaibhav Srivastava

Extract file format, directory name. (path, directories, files)

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